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Meredith Wakefield 


First you add color and textures to your clay slab.  

This unique art form of pulling monoprints from clay was developed by my late husband, Mitch Lyons. I learned from him, as have countless other people over the 50 years he spent on his craft. My artwork is bright, colorful, and abstract, reflecting the new life I am building since Mitch's passing. 

I approach each print with no end product in mind. I simply  begin by loading up my clay slab with textures and colors, and adding layer upon layer. I like to gently scrape off certain areas to see what lies beneath the surface. This is where the stories begin to emerge and the magic really happens. They may have been hidden, but they’ve been there all along, making us who we are today.


For me it’s all about exploration, curiosity and discovery.


Then you choose an area you wish to print. You'll be working with a spritzer bottle and pony roller to transfer the image onto the substrate.


Working with a spoon helps to transfer areas that need more work. 

Pulling a print

I am dedicated to keeping my late husband's legacy alive.
Please visit Mitch Lyons Studio Website by clicking on the arrow.

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