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Mitch Lyons & Meredith Wakefield

Mitch Lyons, innovative artist who created the clay monoprinting technique of printing from clay. ed the  clay monprinting

Learn more about Mitch by visiting his website (by click on the arrow).


American Artist


Mitch rolled out his 6 ft x 6 ft clay slab in 1980 and started developing a totally new art form, printing from clay. At that time, the slab was 1/4 in. thick. Today it measures 4-1/2 ins. We celebrated the slab's 35th birthday in 2015, allowing every visitor to pull a print from it. Watch for its 45th birthday in 2025!

MItch taught workshops all over the world and is remembered fondly by all his former students as a kind and generous teacher. Be a part of keeping his legacy alive by visiting the studio.


I was blessed to have been part of MItch’s life, not just as his wife but also as the torchbearer of his legacy. As an artist, he showed me a new way of looking at the world and expressing myself artistically. Even now I am in awe of his creativity and the beauty he brought to the world. I know he would be thrilled to see all the students who’ve gone on to make his technique their own. With his encouragement, I continue to teach the art of printing from clay on his behalf.

Mitch Lyons Studio is located in the beautiful rolling hills of Chester County in Pennsylvania. Make a trip of it and stay in the Mitch Lyons room at the Lancaster Arts Hotel. Each guest room features art by a different local artist. Here in Lancaster you'll see many of the Amish who have made the area their own.  World-renowned Longwood Gardens is only 40 minutes from the studio and Philadelphia just over an hour. There are a number of hotels in the area for ease of getting to the studio. 

Every year, we continue the tradition of an annual open studio show on the first weekemd of December. The studio is always open to visitors. Just contact me to arrange a date and time.

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If you're in the area, check out our art on the Edward Jones building in Oxford, PA.

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