Meredith Wakefield 

I have no formal education in art, but my life has pretty much embraced the creative arts - as a musician and language arts teacher. My first foray into art was as a ceramic artist.  Years later when I met my late husband, Mitch Lyons, I learned his clayprinting technique. In the studio, his creativity and curiosity inspired me and opened my eyes to a whole new world of clay. 

My artwork is a reflection of my own journey through changes that have impacted my life.  Out of sorrow, the joy of living has made itself known to me. A return to the things I value and playful spontaneity are all a part of what it has meant to return to my authentic self, allowing me to claim my best life. 

I'm a little clayprint monster!

I am dedicated to keeping Mitch's legacy alive. Please visit his website by clicking on the arrow,

PO Box 40, New London, PA 19360

Phone: 516-592-2155

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