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"There's a snake in the house!!!!"  Mitch had just come in from the studio for a quick cup of coffee. He slowly poked his head around the corner. I was lying upside down on the couch after having lifted off my feet and flipping backwards over it.

Sparky had started barking in a way I'd never heard before. He was moving towards the window and backing up. I went over to look out at whatever he was fussing about. It was then that a six-foot garter snake dropped at my feet, thus catapulting me backwards over the couch.


I heard Mitch start to say something about having to get back to studio. "You are not leaving this house until the snake is gone!" I yelled. Needless to say, he didn't move, and thus began the great snake saga.

The first course of action was to FIND the snake. At Mitch's suggestion, we pushed the "snake wrassling pole" under the couch and started banging. No snake. We turned it over, and Mitch said we had to cut the fabric under the couch to see if it was in there. It wasn't. Our next idea was to see if it was under the recliner. We put the chair in recline mode, and at that point, we saw the snake slowly making its way up into it." Grab it," I said, but neither of us was brave enough to try.

Under the recliner went the pole, and suddenly our little friend slithered out across to the other side of the living room and into a corner. I managed to catch the snake under a wire trash basket, while Mitch grabbed a piece of paper to slip under the basket. At this point, Sparky started barking again, the snake was giving off a smoky smell, and we had started slowly dragging the basket across the floor to the door. Mitch was yelling, "It's gonna get out!  It's gonna get out!"  I was matching him by yelling, "Don't panic! Don't panic!"

I'm happy to say we got him to the door, and off he went on his merry way (the snake that is, not Mitch!) 

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