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I heard Justin Bieber mentioned in passing the other day, and I started chuckling to myself. We teachers had to cover after-school study hall once a month, and it could be quite a bore at times. But one day a little boy named  ’Razzy ” turned out to be the highlight of my day

A little girl from 2nd grade came to my desk to tell

me that another 2nd grader was saying something bad about Justin Bieber. I smiled to myself and called Razzy to my desk.  He looked all serious, and I asked him to tell me what he’d been saying about Justin Bieber.  His response? ”I rule; Justin Bieber drools."  Then he told me that he didn’t like Justin Bieber, and I responded that a 7th grader on the other side of the room LOVED Justin Bieber. (She scowled at me and gave me a warning face that said, “Stop!”)  Jeesh, middle-school girls can be so testy at times.  


So with his serious face, Razzy told me that we are all allowed to have our own opinions. I had to agree, but now I was really laughing inside.  An 8th grader piped up saying that all wars are started by differences in opinion. I had to agree with that as well, but I was struggling to keep my composure. Anyway, I asked  Razzy if someone around him liked Justin Bieber, and he said,  “Yes.”  I told him that maybe he shouldn't say bad things about Justin Bieber if it upset someone else.  And these were his final words to me as he turned to go back to his seat: “Some people are a little too serious about Justin Bieber and are easily aggravated." Touché, Razzy. Touché!


But guess who else had Bieber Fever … Mitch!!! He became fixated on how this kid could make so much money but was so lacking in talent. I'd pass him sitting at his computer sometimes, and he'd be scrolling through looking at every story about Mr. Bieber. I couldn't believe it! Not wanting to get caught up in his drama, I usually pretended I didn’t hear him say, "You are NOT going to believe what that kid has done now!”


Laughter truly is the best medicine. So tonight as you sit around the dinner  table, why not ask, “What made you laugh today?” 

Image: Thanks to Mari on Pinterest

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