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What's so Special about Clayprinting

A Day in the Life

How Embarrassing!

The Brotherhood

More from the Brotherhood

Finding Your Center

Sweet Tooth

Sister Agnes

Practicing Gratitude

If Walls Could Speak

Mitch the Man

Attic Treasures

Teach Your Children Well

Don't Look Back

The Price of Love

Little Brown Pig

Paintbox Travels

Inspiration Exists

Playing with Fire

Life is a Book

The Snake Charmer

Big Girl Pants

Be Brave Enough

Let's Skip

My Left Foot

A Labor of Love

Think of Groundhogs

Stretch Out

The Sounds of Silence

Broken Rice

Sometimes you just have to laugh (even if it hurts)

Putting out the Welcome Mat 

I'm Losing It

I'm Just White Noise

Touché, Razzy!

Mr. Pockets

"I absolutely love Meredith’s writing. Her newsletter  impacts my entire day when I start it off reading one of her stories. Her stories are interesting and bring out a lot of insight and emotions through a small detail, a common thing, a funny memory. Her observations are extraordinary in that they make me feel kind and calm, curious and open to the world like a child. For a moment the world becomes just a little less confused and my day unfolds with content calmness and joy."
- Dorte H
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